Instructions for speakers

The Organizers are asking for early preparation of the presentations to avoid disruption during the sessions and to minimize disappointment in the case of the projection equipment not being compatible.

Check for the session and time of your presentation in the final program. Be aware of the room for the session (a maximum of three parallel sessions being held except during Keynote presentations).

Every room will be equipped with data projector and screen, and laptop computer with up-to-date PowerPoint. The computers will be connected to the room’s external sound system and equipped with a standard VGA connection.

Ideally the presenters are invited to use their own laptop. In case an author is not carrying a laptop, organizers’ computer can be used.

Please refer to the table below for presentation times and to plan number of slides accordingly:


Timings per presentation

Keynote Talks 40 minutes slots


we recommend 35-40 minutes for presentation plus optional discussion (5 minutes nominal)

Standard Presentations 20 minutes slots


authors are requested to leave 4-5 minutes for questions and/or discussion, thus making the presentation itself 15-16 minutes long

We strongly suggest you make a thorough test before the sessions starts. At least come to the session location 15 minutes before its beginning to check your equipment. The session rooms will be available before and after the talks, during all the breaks.

Check that your equipment works correctly BEFORE the session begins.

Be ready to use the organization PC if your own computer does not work (have a USB key ready).

The person responsible (assistant chairmen) for the installation of the lectures will assist you.

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